Conduent Services

Conduent EDI Solutions, Inc.

A subsidiary of 2017 Conduent Business Services, LLC, Conduent EDI Solutions, Inc. is an industry leading provider of healthcare Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) services for government and commercial healthcare stakeholders. We specialize in trading partner management, payer front-end translation and EDI services that support claim and eligibility transaction processing. In accordance with HIPAA Privacy and Security standards and related ASC X12N transactions standards for electronic Personal Health Information (ePHI) transmission, we securely connect healthcare providers or agents acting on their behalf with government-sponsored insurance plans including Medicare and state Medicaid programs as well as commercial insurers. As the Fiscal Agent for many Medicaid states and the EDI gateway to commercial payer environments, we process all types of healthcare transactions with a focus on processing high volume ASC X12N transactions. Conduent EDI Solutions, Inc. currently processes over 20 million X12 transactions a month for over 40,000 active trading partners, which include healthcare providers, billing agents, healthcare software vendors, and other EDI transaction clearinghouses.

Our wide array of processing and translation services includes the following standard transaction types:

  • Institutional, Professional and Dental Claims
  • Claim Status Inquiry
  • Eligibility Inquiry
  • Provider Check Inquiry
  • Prior Authorization Submission and Inquiry
  • Electronic Remittance Advice/EOB

Formerly known as ACS EDI Gateway, Inc., Conduent EDI Solutions, Inc. has implemented more new Medicaid systems in the last several years than all of our competitors combined. In addition, we have a perfect certification track record for our Fiscal Agent projects.